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Frequently Asked Questions

My application for Lottery Agent/Affiliate/Agency has been rejected?

Please contact us at [email protected] or WhatsApp & Telegram: +44 7404 658931 for more information regarding your lottery application.

How can I start with an Agency?

You can join the Lottery Agency Program by contacting Lotto.ht Management team at [email protected] or WhatsApp & Telegram: +44 7404 658931. It only takes a day and your sales team will be ready to sell!

Which program should I choose?

You can participate in the Lotto.ht Reward Plan at whichever program you decide. You have a choice whether you want to create an income through direct lottery ticket sales as an Agent, build a full-time business with your dedicated sales teams all over Haiti as an Agency, or promote and share your marketing links on your website and social media channels as an Affiliate.

How does it Affiliate program work?

You receive a referral link and promote it online. We also provide promo codes rewarding your players to maximize your effects. Whenever a customer visits our website from your referral links, a tracking cookie is placed in his browser's device which enables our system to assign the registration to your partner account. Once the registration is finished, the customer is yours for life, and you will receive a revenue share for all of his purchases.

Where is my deposit?

In case you can’t see your deposited funds on your account, please wait up to 60 minutes. There may be a delay in communication between the bank and our system. We are sorry for any inconvenience, but don’t control the bank’s processing. In case the deposit is still not there after 60 minutes, please send us an email including the email/phone number used for registration, the transaction ID (you can find it in „My transactions / Deposit”), date, time, and the transaction amount. We will fix the issue within 1-2 business days and inform you about it by email.

How will I know if I have won?

You can check if you have won by logging in to your account and navigating to „My tickets” / „Drawn tickets”. The information about the ticket status and the prize is displayed there right after the draw.

How do I deposit funds on my account?

You can deposit funds after logging in and selecting one of the provided payment methods.

How can I check if I won?

You can check the draw results on the website or using one of the dedicated applications for mobile devices.

How can I receive my winning?

Winnings up to PEN1,000.00 are automatically paid to your account and you can make a withdrawal using a payment method. Winnings above PEN 1,000.00 may be transferred directly to your account, but it’s possible that you will have to visit the lottery office and confirm your identity before receiving your winning.

What happens if I win the jackpot?

We’ll try to contact you, but it’s your duty to pick up your winning. You can receive your winning up to six months since the draw. If you have started the winning pick up procedure during this time, you have 7 more days to pick up your prize.

Can I purchase just one line?

Yes, you can purchase just one line. Naturally, buying more lines for a draw increases your chance of winning.

How can I edit my account details?

You can edit your personal details in My Account / Edit profile tab on the website or using one of the dedicated applications for mobile devices.

Do I have to fill all the lines?

No, you can fill just one line, but more lines increase your winning chance.

How to play?

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When is the draw?

The draw of GG World Million takes place every Tuesday and Friday at 7:45 PM GMT+1. The draw of GG World Keno takes place every 4 minutes.

Where can I see my transactions?

You can check your transaction history in My Account / My transactions tab on the website or using one of the dedicated applications for mobile devices.

May I remain anonymous if I win the jackpot?

No, the jackpot may be only paid out to the person who bought the ticket, so it is required that your account data matches your ID. Still, we won’t share any personal information publicly if you ask us to do so.

What is quick-pick?

Quick pick feature allows to pick the numbers automatically by our system, fully at random. This is an alternative to picking the numbers by yourself.

How can I reset my password?

You can change your password in My Account / Edit profile tab or use this link in case you have forgotten your password.

How can I receive support from LottoHaiti?

You can contact us using the contact form on the website to receive support for any issues you may have.

Where can I see my tickets?

You can check your tickets anytime in My Account / My tickets tab on the website or using one of the dedicated applications for mobile devices.

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